Meet Manuela Horn: the Oktoberfest NW Host,
Swing Girl and Yodel Queen!

Manuela Horn, also known as the Austrian Amazon, is a yodeling, dancing, acting comedic force of nature. After small roles in independent movies and her own German children’s TV show, she turned her 6' 2" height into an asset as a host for corporate events and galas across the globe. Not to mention, Manuela stands 6' 7" while in her heels!

She is most recognized for her 2009 performance on America's Got Talent.  Her nearly seven-foot-tall yodeling dominatrix character made it to the semifinals of that competition.

Imported from Berlin’s Pomp Duck & Circumstance to America in 2002, Manuela has been a central cast member with Teatro Zinzanni ever since.  There she has performed and developed a wide variety of comedic characters and larger-than-life singing acts.

Besides performing worldwide in the Dinner Cirque Cabaret world, Manuela is the Queen of Oktoberfest.  With the motto “It’s always Oktoberfest somewhere,” Manuela emcees and headlines the biggest Oktoberfests across America. 

For more information about Manuela Horn, check out her website

Fun Facts about Manuela:
1.  Manuela's first big show was for a beer company in Frankfurt: She loves beer but then, so do we at Oktoberfest NW!
2. Manuela has a large collection of music boxes and pop-up books.
3. Manuela played field hockey for 12 years.