DATE: Saturday, Oct. 5
HOURS: 1pm - 2:45pm
WHERE: Wiener Dog Stadium inside Munich Festhalle
COST: FREE to join the games (You & your team just have to pay for general admission, that day.)
ON SITE SIGN-UPS: Teams of 2-4 can sign up at the Hammerschlagen® tent until Saturday, Oct. 5th at noon. Sign ups are on a first come, first serve basis IF not filled in advance, online.


Women Stein Holding.JPG

The Stein Holding Contest puts a whole new meaning to "can you hold your bier"! Participants get a chance to flex their "bier muscles" by holding a liter stein full of German Bier out in front of them with one hand, for as long as possible. The last one to holding strong... wins! We will host men's & women's Stein Holding contests for prizes throughout the weekend. Stein Holding Contests will be held at the Munich Festhalle Stage


You've heard of toss right? Well, in Corn Hole you have a board with one hole in it that is placed several feet away from you. Then each player gets a chance to toss their colored bean bags to the board. You can earn certain points for making it in the hole and being on the board. It's really not that technical.  If you haven't played before, we think you'll get the hang of it pretty fast.

Holey Boards

Similar to Corn Hole toss, it all starts with a board, but this time it has three holes in it. Each player gets a chance to toss washers over to the board and you get certain points depending on which hole you make it in! Again a fairly easy concept to grasp.. we think with a bier or two you'll become an expert at Oktoberfest NW no time.


BIer Pong

This drinking game is pretty popular, so chances are you've already played it or at least have heard of it before. Cups are set up on either side of a long table and each player gets a chance to throw a ping pong in hopes of making it in the cups. Each cup is typically filled up with beer, but we use water because of the mess factor; plus, you can drink the German bier you purchased on site to make your game more "challenging."



The goal is to drive a nail into a cross section of wood faster than your opponents. It is free to play and there are all-play games available throughout the weekend. If you become a pro at it, you could try joining the Hammerschlagen® Tournament of Champions. Details HERE