LynnMarie - Making the Accordion Sexy & Fun!
Five-Time Grammy Nominee

LynnMarie & The Nashville Polka Guys!

Dubbed “The Dixie Chick Of the Accordion” by Jay Leno, the squeeze box player and vocalist, the first female artist ever to win a Grammy nod for Best Polka Album, fuses high-energy rock, country, Americana and the traditional music of her ethnic heritage to wow crowds everywhere, from Oktoberfests, to music festivals, coffee houses and Europe! 

Averaging 40-50 dates a year, she’s performed at the Bethlehem Music Festival, the CMA Fan Fair (in her adopted hometown of Nashville) and South By Southwest. Although she is considered the new face of accordion music, LynnMarie’s roots in the traditional format run deep. Born and raised in an ethnic Slovenian community in Cleveland. Her father, an accomplished accordion player and bandleader, was her first inspiration. She picked up the squeeze box at age 11 and by 13, LynnMarie was singing and playing regularly at local pubs, theatres and festivals across the Midwest; her incredible energy and vivacious alto voice quickly established her as one of the most sought after entertainers in the region.

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