Let's get serious. It's Hammerschlagen® time.

  Check out past winners at the Official  Wall of Champions !

Check out past winners at the Official Wall of Champions!

In 2005, we introduced Hammerschlagen® to the Pacific Northwest. It quickly became one of the most addicting bar games in the region and now you could call it "A PNW Past Time". 

The goal is to drive a nail into a cross section of wood faster than your opponents. Easy you say? Well then, we will see you at Oktoberfest Northwest to see if you actually have what it takes.

The Tournament

Each year the best of the best compete for a space in the Hammerschlagen® Tournament of Champions: Wall of Champions. Think you can handle it? Sign up at the Hammerschlagen® tent onsite for a chance at bragging rights with all of your unworthy friends, glory, and some spectacular prizes.

Sign ups are FREE, but they are first come, first serve.


Hammerschlagen® Wall of Champions (This is where you can see the reigning champs!)

2017 Prizes: (2018 to be announced)

1st: $200 plus 32 Ounce Seattle Seahawks Stein & event          t-shirt

2nd: $100 plus 20 Ounce Seattle Seahawks Stein & event          t-shirt

3rd: $50 plus 15 Ounce Seattle Seahawks Stein & event




Tournament schedule:
(Sign-ups Begin 2 Hours before each round at event)

Friday - Oct. 5th
1st Round: 7pm (Sign-ups start 5pm)
2nd Round: 8pm (Sign-ups start 6pm)

Saturday - Oct. 6th
1st Round: 6pm (Sign-ups start 4pm)
2nd Round: 7pm (Sign-ups start 5pm)

Championship Round: Saturday 8pm

Oktoberfest Northwest Games

You don't have to play in the Hammerschlagen® Tournament to swing a hammer! Oktoberfesters can also take part in Hammerschlagen® all-play throughout the weekend.  We also have a variety of other great games throughout the festhalle including Holey Boards, Corn Hole Toss, Beer Pong, Stein Holding contests, costume contests and more! More details HERE!


kids Can play too!

Heading to Oktoberfest Northwest with the family? Perfect!  We have a special area dedicated to Kids Hammerschlagen® right by the Root Bier Garden. Teach them the rules and safety procedures and enjoy! (children must be supervised by an adult to play.)






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Note: Oktoberfest Northwest has the exclusive rights to operate, promote and play Hammerschlagen® at an Oktoberfest event in the state of Washington. We are proud to say that we introduced the Northwest to the game on a large scale during our inaugural event in 2005. Oktoberfest Northwest is truly the home of Hammerschlagen® in the Northwest! Hammerschlagen® is a trademark of WRB, Inc. of Minnesota.